Rid the Habit of Worrying

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Why do we allow anxiety to overcome us?
Want to minimize if not eliminate worrying?

Worry is a conditioned way of thinking. It consumes precious energy and is the easiest way to ensure unhappiness in the present moment. Perhaps what is needed is an understanding of why worry is a habit and how we can break it.

When you need things to happen in a certain way and in a specific timeframe in order to feel satisfied, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment; therefore, things perceived as negative will happen more often. All this stems from a need to be in control – and many things in life just happen and cannot be controlled.

One of the most common worries at work is what others think of you. The answer will amaze you.

“Rid the Habit of Worrying” motivates one to think logically as well as challenge and verify your thoughts and beliefs. Simple, easy-to-use solutions are presented.

Right Attitude - Right Results

What comprises a successful business structure?
What comprises the human structure?

People are the greatest asset of any company. Employees are hired to provide services in exchange for compensation – and, along with specific skills, are expected to know basic office decorum and how to get along with others.

It’s a complicated world and the workplace can be highly emotional which is why it is imperative that managers hire talented people who can handle problems with tact and understanding … and proper training is the key to maintaining a high level of performance and reliability.

Successful managers have found that successful people have positive attitudes. They know their thoughts, actions and behaviors really matter and impact their lives and others.

So what happens when a talented person is hired but soon find their attitude is in need of refining and improvement?

“Right Attitude, Right Results” explores attitudes, mindsets, belief systems; and how managers can influence and change negative behaviors. This film is ideal for both managers and employees, new as well as seasoned professionals.

Topics include: Attitudes, Mindsets, Personalities, Belief Systems, Office Politics, High Maintenance, Undercurrent, Poor Behavior, Habits, Safety, Conflict Resolution, Changing Vocabulary, and Customer Satisfaction.

DVD contain adult training guides; recommended for corporate HR training.

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