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Anya Zinoveva

A Word from the Founder

Hi, welcome to Educational Films!
My name is Anya Zinoveva, and I’m the founder of this website.

Who am I?

I’m a teacher, a filmmaker, and a multimedia artist. My professional journey started in Fine Arts when I attended Shevchenko State Art School in Ukraine. Upon moving to the U.S. with my family, I expanded my horizons into animation, graphic design, web design, and filmmaking. I was amazed at the similarities between video editing and painting, which made the transition easy and exciting. I teach digital art classes and web design classes at El Camino College and Holy Names University, both face to face and online. I enjoy incorporating videos in my curriculum, to enhance learners’ understanding and experience. It allows me to communicate the information quickly and effectively: I see videos and digital media as an essential component of instructional design.

Why did I start the website?

I started in 2010 as a graduate student at CSUN. I was working on my thesis, a documentary film, and I wanted to connect with the like-minded filmmakers to promote our work.
I felt that the films with meaningful thoughtful messages were underrepresented. These are the films I want to see on the big screen: thought-provoking and positive that inspire people to have a thoughtful discussion or take an action. Films that will help them to learn and experience the world in new ways. So, I started the website to help filmmakers showcase their work. Making a film is “a labor of love”, as one of my friends said, and together we can create building blocks of success.

What can you find here?

The website offers resources on making successful films and videos and incorporating them into teaching curriculum. It also serves as a wiki of educational films, both historical and contemporary. If you want to spread the word about the film you made or enjoyed watching, please let me know!

My hope is to spread the word about the films with an educational message and to create a community who appreciates and finds value in this content. I hope to facilitate a dialog between educators and filmmakers. It will benefit and empower both sides, and especially the students.