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About Us

Educational Films is your resource for instructional and critical thinking films suitable for classroom environment and home education. The company was established by Anya Zinoveva, an independent filmmaker.

“The idea for Educational Film Network was born around 2009, when I was creating a short film “Emile in the 21st Century”, as a preparation for my Master’s thesis. I registered a production company in 2010, and I decided to promote the work of like-minded filmmakers. I saw this as an opportunity to connect with like-minded people, and to build a community that inspires future generations of filmmakers.”

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Empower, Inspire, Cultivate.

We empower educators and filmmakers to inspire learners around the world and cultivate knowledge.

Educational Film Network is dedicated to the production and promotion of thought-provoking, educational films that inspire discussions, research, and self-reflection. Our mission is to promote conversations between filmmakers, writers, and educators, to bring these conversations into the classroom, and inspire the creation of compelling and informative visual stories.Get Started →